Roller Shade System

 Intelligent Fabric:

Our fabric is woven with vinyl coated Fiberglass, Polyester & Cotton assembled with different types of yarns and designed to control glare and filter, if needed, up to 96 % of light rays, providing a high level of comfort to minimize disturbing on-screen reflections.

 Our blackout roller fabric is a high-quality fabric that can be used to make custom roller shades for any window size and shape.

It blocks out 100% of the light, creating a dark and cozy environment for sleeping, relaxing or watching movies.

 Thermal Comfort:

S-Screen reflects up to 67% of solar radiation and prevents heat loss in winter. It helps save energy and reduce building operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

 Flame Retardant:

M1 is a fire classification standard that applies to fabrics used for window treatments. It indicates that the fabric is non-flammable and does not emit toxic gases when exposed to fire. M1 is one of the highest fire safety standards in the world and is required for public buildings in European countries.

 Openness Factor:

The openness factor in roller shades fabric is a measure of how much light and visibility the fabric allows through. It is expressed as a percentage, with lower numbers indicating less light and more privacy, and higher numbers indicating more light and less privacy. The openness factor also affects the amount of glare control and UV rays blockage that the fabric provides.


Washable roller fabric is simple to use: To clean it, just rinse it with water and let it dry. Some products also have self-cleaning bases or compartments that make the process even easier.

 Stain Resistant:

Stain resistance is an important feature of roller shade fabric, especially for areas that are prone to spills, dirt, or moisture. Stain resistance means that the fabric can resist or repel stains from liquids, oils, or other substances that may cause discoloration or damage. Stain resistant fabrics are easier to clean and maintain, and can also prolong the lifespan and appearance of your roller shades.


 Manual system:

Manual system, controlled by a Stainless-steel bead chain with qualified spacing, Additional spring assist to assure smooth operation. (40 Kg) test.

 Motorized System:

Motorized System, controlled by a tubular motor that includes built in receiver without any additional space.  Motorized solutions, available with a variety of controls, from simple switches to intelligent ones. (Home automation)