External Blinds system (EVB)

 Exterior blinds are a modern and efficient solution for blocking out the sun. They are made of aluminum strips that come in various sizes and shapes, along with a top rail and side rails or cords. You can adjust them by hand or with a motor.

Exterior blinds are the most popular choice for outdoor shading nowadays. They provide good insulation for buildings by preventing the sun’s rays from reaching the inside when they are lowered. This helps to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. You can also change the angle of the strips to control how much natural light you want in the room. Exterior blinds let you enjoy fresh air from open windows even when they are down.

The slats of the C-80 external blind are 80 mm in width and have a C-shaped curve on their edges. This allows them to be adjusted to either side, resulting in better control of the light and shade inside. The slats are secured in place by either guide rails or a wire that keeps them aligned horizontally.

The external blinds have two options for installation: in the window opening or above it. If they are installed in the window opening, the pile of slats when lifted will take up some of the window space. If they are installed above the window opening, the slats will not affect the window clearance.