All shades are not created equal. All sun management tools are not identical, or equally effective. The difference between one shade and the other is a mix of superior materials, craftsmanship, and expert know-how.

It can be found in the intervening space, between the lines, between light and dark, between sunlight and shade, and/or between indoors and outdoors. This is the difference that Solecra brings to the table.

The attention to detail, the customization of every project to exact specifications,
the long-term relationship with customers and partners, and the on-time and on-budget delivery of every project ensure the complete satisfaction of its ever-growing customer base.

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Our Specialization

SOLECRA is an expert in window covering for both indoors and outdoors use. Our mission is to offer our customers the best solutions tailored to their needs using the highest quality materials, at a competitive price.

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Our Products

Roller shade system

Our roller shades fabric is woven with vinyl coated Fiberglass, Polyester & Cotton with different types yarns, designed to control glare and filter up to 96 % of the light rays. It provides a high level of visual comfort and stop disturbing on-screen reflections.

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Retractable Awning System

An automated patio folding arms awning allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of manually opening your retractable awning, adding that touch of luxury to your home. Add an optional wind sensor to your awning for the peace of mind that your awning is protected if strong winds pick up – your new awning will bring a whole new meaning to outdoor living. Learn why we offer the best awnings with a German special design.

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Skylight Tension System

Skylight shades offer solutions for horizontal and sloped glazing spaces, including custom solutions for indoor and outdoor. Our variety of shading solutions, incorporating fully motorized and automated systems, help to manage the amount of natural light while reducing glare and heat gain. Read more

Sail Shade System

Sail Shades are manufactured from flexible porous fabric that gives 90% UV protection and resists light summer showers.
The sail is patterned with stainless steel cable edges, fixing rings and can be attached to suitable buildings or steel or timber posts.Many sizes and shapes are available and individual shaped shades can be created to suit customer's requirements.

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External Blinds

External blinds represent the most used exterior shading method. Thanks to their placement in front of windows, they offer effective thermal protection of buildings. When released, they reflect the sun's rays and do not allow them to enter the interior. Thus, they have a beneficial effect on thermal conditions inside the building. By tilting the slats, you can continuously regulate the daylight entering the room. External blinds allow airing through open windows even when released.

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Parasol System

We provide innovative solutions using the unique high-quality canopy fabrics and frame design. The Multivalvola System product from Italy has revolutionized the very concept of sun shades for large outdoor spaces. The Multivalvola System canopy is an innovative solution for dealing with windy days .

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Smart Home & Control

Home automation is the process of connecting various electronic devices, appliances, and systems in your home to a network that you can control from a central hub or a mobile device. Home automation can make your life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

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Smoke And Fire Curtain

A smoke curtain is a part of unit to keep areas free from smoke and it may include building parks like natural SHEV system. Smoke & Fire curtain limit the movement of fire gases inside of a building in case of fire.

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