Roller Shade

A) Intelligent Fabric:

Our fabric is woven with vinyl coated Fiberglass, Polyester & Cotton with different types yarns, designed to control glare and filter up to 96 % of the light rays. It provides a high level of visual comfort and stop disturbing on-screen reflections.

Thermal Comfort:
C-Screen reflects up to 67% of solar radiation and prevents heat loss in winter.
It helps to save energy and reduce building operating costs and greenhouse gas

Flame Retardant:
Shade cloth are certified to pass burn requirements according
to M 1(F), NFPA 701-99 TM #1, BS(GB).

Openness Factor:
Our Technical fabric has a variety of openness Factor from 0%
to 10% to allow visual comfort and glare control depending on the orientation.

Easily Cleaned with any household cleaner and easily removed and reattached.

Stain Resistant:
Tests have shown that the non absorbing vinyl coating of shade cloth is extremely resistant to staining.

Fade Resistant:
Color fastness to light (Scale of 8 ) 7/8

B) Controls:

Manual system, controlled by a Stainless-steel bead chain with qualified spacing, limit end stop for assuring smooth operation. (40 Kg) test.

Wireless System, controlled by a tubular motor that includes built in receiver to allow the
wireless control without any additional space.

Motorized solutions, available with a variety of controls, from simple switches to intelligent ones.

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